Customer Benefits

Why choosing Metrolog X4?

Optimize your quality processes, secure your investments, measure more efficiently

Metrologic Group has built an international reputation in the 3D inspection solutions. It is the symbol of effective solutions and excellent service that combine to give the best inspection tools worldwide.
Today, Metrologic Group and its 3D measurement solution, Metrolog X4, rhyme with innovative solutions, extensive experience in metrology and comprehensive know-how, from hardware to software. Businesses in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, construction and mold tooling, machinery, energy and medical, choose our solutions, leading to a more profitable and effective production.

Faster and efficient 3D inspection

Automated data input, plausibility checks, automatic geometrical shape recognition, storage of measurement scenarios, features database, advanced functionalities such as replication: Using Metrolog X4, you capitalize on an advanced technology and know-how for a still faster and efficient inspection.

Measure seamlessly the most complex geometries

Freeform geometries, such as turbine blades, axial or radial compressors are demanding and can not be satisfactorily addressed with standard methods. This is why Metrolog X4 provides special functions that allow a dedicated approach requiring little specific knowledge. Because they are integrated into the Metrolog X4 kernel, these advanced functionalities can be used together with the standard features.

A 3D inspection software that adapts to your requirements

The market is changing: Parts to be inspected are becoming increasingly complex, the time dedicated to inspection and quality control shortens, and the corrections must be integrated faster. The new means of measurement provide new opportunities in industrial metrology. All these factors generate new challenges. Metrolog X4 with its innovative features gives you the opportunity to take advantage of these changes for the benefit of your business.

A universal and multidisciplinary solution

As independent software editor, Metrologic Group offers the unique ability to connect Metrolog X4 to the vast majority of 3D measurement systems available on the market, tactile or optical. From poly-articulated portable arms up to laser trackers, through manual 3D scanners, manual CMMs and dynamic measurement modules, Metrolog X4 covers the entire spectrum of the profession, regardless of brand and type.
This advantage will allow you to connect to new measuring devices without changing the software. You can upgrade your base of machines as you need without worrying about compatibility with Metrolog X4. No long training sessions, exporting of your previous data. Simply plug-in and measure!

Our solutions link manufacturing to engineering

Metrologic Group is present wherever your customers in the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, as well as in many other areas, manufacture their products. This is why we founded subsidiaries in major markets throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

Everything you need

Metrolog X4 combines within a common user interface 3D measurement functions, specific expert modules and an efficient report editor. This unique environment includes everything you need for successful 3D measurements. No need to juggle between two or more programs. This facilitates the use, provides more comfort and enhances the security of the measuring process.

A comprehensive range of services

Whether it's for helping you set-up your measurement solutions, or for calibrating your measuring devices, Metrologic Group puts at your service a team of experienced technicians who will intervene quickly and effectively. Think about retrofitting your coordinate measuring machine, you will increase its performance at a very competitive price compared to purchasing new equipment.

After-sales service, hotline support, software updates

Our application engineering, training and support departments provide expert assistance. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers are able to assist you in implementing our solutions. Our maintenance contract includes the provision for regular updates and patches. It also includes telephone support in French, and centralization of the problems and solutions through international support working closely with our R&D based in Grenoble, France. For detailed information about this, please contact your Metrologic Group partner. Contact information can be found on our website: