Key Features

6 reasons to choose Metrolog X4

High performances: Large data set (CAD, Point CloudS, ...)

For increased performance and process reliability.
Metrolog X4’s 64-bit architecture increases the amount of available memory. This improves performance, especially when inspecting large volumes. The new architecture furthermore provides full support for multi-core processors.
• The new software architecture brings two main advantages:
• The ability to increase the file size handling significantly for:
-> CAD files import and manipulation
-> Point cloud import or acquisition
• The ability to significantly reduce conversion and projection time while using large data sets (CAD files, Point clouds…).
Native 64-bit application, multi-core and multi-task enabled: Metrolog X4 is ready for the future!

Compatibility Connectivity: all devices supported

• Compatible with all portable devices
• Arms, laser trackers & P.O.D. systems
• All brands supported
• Multi-connection
• On the fly switching between measuring devices

Optimal Interface: ease of use

• User-friendly graphical interface and fully customisable to suit the needs of the operator, the machine types and measurement types.
• New manual probing wizard.
• Automatic view orientation during acquisition.
• Multiple information windows (position and results).
• Software readily available in18 languages switchable on the fly.

Dynamicity: automatic update re-computation

• Dynamic links between the features
• Real-time impact on features upon update
• Large scale scenario supported: Bundle
-> Optimization taking 7 degrees of freedom into account
-> Consideration of device uncertainty (instruments network)

Enhanced Analysis: best in class GD&T and reporting

• All GD&T tolerances supported: ANSI & ISO
• Set easily geometrical tolerance
• New GD&T engine: enhanced performances
• Best in class reporting tools
• Report editor, customize any type of output: Wizard, report editor, direct export library
• Certified and well-known solution
• Certified algorithms by PTB and NIST
• Signed agreement with major actors in 3D inspection and PLM suppliers

Maximum performance in the point clouds analysis

• Metrolog X4 designed to process and analyse the largest and most dense point clouds.
• Metrolog X4 integrates the latest technology required for efficient optical measurement functions, ensuring that you have the best tool whatever the device used.
• Cloud comparison with CAD (Color Mapping).
• Element extraction and automated GD&T.
• Intuitive treatment of Flush and Gap.
• Measurement with compensation for material thickness.
• Part quality estimation according to the surface mm² (Area calculation).